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Stag Graphics Designs User-Friendly Website for Chics Love Pockets

Client Background:

Chics Love Pockets is an upcoming e-commerce store that specializes in selling clothing with functional pockets for women. They approached Stag Graphics, a web design and development agency, to create an attractive and user-friendly website for their customers.


Chics Love Pockets had several requirements that Stag Graphics needed to meet. The primary challenge was to design a website that was both visually appealing and easy for customers to use. The website had to showcase the products in a way that would entice customers to make purchases, and the overall design had to reflect the playful yet professional style that Chics Love Pockets wanted to convey.

Another challenge was to design a logo that incorporated the color pink, which was a non-negotiable requirement for Chics Love Pockets. The logo had to be playful, modern, and reflective of the brand's identity.


Stag Graphics began by conducting an extensive research phase to understand Chics Love Pockets' target audience, their competitors, and their brand identity. This research helped the Stag Graphics team create a design that would appeal to the target audience while also reflecting Chics Love Pockets' playful and professional brand.

The Stag Graphics team presented several design concepts to Chics Love Pockets, and after several rounds of revisions, they settled on a final design. The website design was clean, minimalistic, and featured high-quality images of the products. The website's color scheme incorporated pink and other soft pastels to create a playful yet professional vibe.

For the logo, Stag Graphics created a design that featured a pocket-shaped icon with the brand's name in bold letters. The pocket-shaped icon was a playful nod to Chics Love Pockets' core product, and the bold letters conveyed the brand's modern and confident personality. The logo was designed in pink, which met the brand's requirement and also helped it stand out.


Chics Love Pockets was thrilled with the final design and logo that Stag Graphics created for them. The website was launched successfully, and it received positive feedback from customers for its ease of use and attractive design. The logo also received positive feedback from customers and helped Chics Love Pockets stand out in a crowded market.

Overall, Stag Graphics helped Chics Love Pockets create an e-commerce website that reflected their brand's personality and provided an excellent user experience for their customers.

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