Med-Left Mobility partners with Disney

Med-Left Mobility, a leading manufacturer of mobility and accessibility products, partnered with Disney to create a series of kid recliners with Finding Dory as the main theme. The project aimed to create a fun and engaging way for kids to relax and unwind while incorporating the beloved characters from the popular Disney-Pixar film.

The main challenge for Med-Left Mobility was to come up with a concept that would appeal to both kids and parents alike. They also had to ensure that the recliners were safe and comfortable for children to use.

Med-Left Mobility decided to partner with Disney and use the Finding Dory franchise as the main theme for the kid recliners. They created several concepts, all featuring Dory and her friends, including Nemo, Hank, and Destiny. The designs included bright colors, soft fabrics, and plush padding to make the recliners comfortable for kids to sit in.

To ensure the safety of the recliners, Med-Left Mobility conducted extensive testing to ensure that the recliners met all safety standards for children's furniture. They also incorporated features such as secure footrests and sturdy armrests to prevent children from falling out of the recliners.

The Finding Dory themed kid recliners were a huge success, with parents and kids alike loving the designs. The recliners were sold in major retail stores across the country and received positive reviews from customers. The partnership with Disney also helped to increase brand recognition for Med-Left Mobility, which led to increased sales and revenue for the company.

Med-Left Mobility's partnership with Disney to create Finding Dory themed kid recliners was a great success. The project not only created a fun and engaging product for kids but also helped to increase brand recognition and revenue for the company. The success of the project highlights the importance of partnerships and collaborations in creating successful products and expanding brand awareness.