Bearly High

Client: Bearly High

Business Type: E-commerce, Cannabis

Project Objective: Creating a brand identity for Bearly High

Challenges: Lack of brand identity


As an experienced brand identity designer, my first task was to thoroughly understand the brand and the target audience. I had several meetings with the client to gather insights about their business, goals, and values. During the discussions, I discovered that Bearly High was a new entrant in the cannabis e-commerce market, targeting the youth and middle-aged adults. The client's primary aim was to create a brand identity that resonated with their target audience and stood out from the competition.

After analyzing the market, I found out that many cannabis brands used bold and bright colors in their branding. However, I wanted to create a unique identity for Bearly High that was more subtle yet impactful. I suggested that we incorporate natural tones and elements in the design, including earthy greens and browns, to communicate a sense of purity and quality.

To make the brand more relatable, we decided to add a friendly bear mascot, which represented a "chill" and "happy" vibe. The bear's playful personality made it easy to connect with the target audience, who are typically cannabis enthusiasts.