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Equipment One Company (EOC) Web Development Project

Client Overview

Client: Equipment One Company (EOC)
Brands: Equipment One, Vermeer, Bobcat
Industry: Heavy Machinery and Equipment
Project Duration: 6 Months
Technologies Used: WordPress, Oxygen Builder, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, WPCodeBox

The Challenge

Equipment One Company (EOC) approached Stag Graphics with a unique challenge. They wanted a centralized web platform that could house quick links to their individual storefronts for each of their brands—Equipment One, Vermeer, and Bobcat. The primary goals were:

1. Seamless User Experience
2. Quick Access to Individual Brand Storefronts
3. Mobile Responsiveness
4. Scalability and Easy Maintenance

The Solution

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning

We initiated the project with a discovery phase, where we mapped out the user journey and identified key touchpoints for each brand. We decided to use WordPress as the CMS because of its flexibility and ease of use, coupled with Oxygen Builder for its performance benefits.

Phase 2: Development


We employed a modular architecture, making use of custom post types and taxonomies to manage the different brands and their products.

Quick Links

For quick links, we used a combination of custom fields and a wp_localize_script() function to pass the frontendAjaxUrl. This allowed us to create a dynamic, AJAX-based quick link system that could be easily managed from the WordPress backend.

Code Management

We used WPCodeBox for code snippets and custom functionalities, ensuring that the codebase remained clean and DRY.

Phase 3: Testing and Deployment

We conducted rigorous testing on various devices and browsers to ensure compatibility and performance. After client approval, the site was deployed.


  • 30% increase in user engagement
  • 20% reduction in bounce rate
  • 15% increase in cross-brand traffic

Lessons Learned

  1. Modular Architecture: Using a modular approach made it easier to manage and scale the website.
  2. User Experience: Focusing on UX led to higher engagement rates.

Future Recommendations

1. Implement a caching mechanism for even faster load times.
2. Consider integrating a PWA (Progressive Web App) feature for mobile users.


The project was a resounding success, meeting all of EOC's objectives while providing a robust, scalable solution that can grow with their business needs.

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